Science IEP M.2 1st Semester

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Students are able to learn and analyze about separation of substances, work and power, simple machine, mechanical energy and law of conservation of energy, characteristics of soil horizons, formation of soil, factor that make the soil different in terms of characteristics and properties, the advantages from soils by examining the characteristics and the properties of soils; formation of surface water and underground water, the water conservation, the formation of fossil fuels, properties of fossil fuels, the uses of fossil fuels, the effects of the uses of fossil fuels, renewable energy, processes of weathering, erosion and the sedimentation, formation and effects of flood, coastal erosion, landslide, sinkhole, land collapse, and internal structure of the Earth accordance to the chemical component.

These can be done by searching, exploring, developing scientific method and the 21st century skills, searching for the information and discussing. These are for the students to gain the knowledge, comprehension; to communicate the lessons learned; to be able to decide, solve problems; apply the knowledge in daily life; and to gain the scientific mind, moral, ethic and appropriate value.

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