Listening-Speaking E33203 M.6 First Semester

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The ability to think  critically and communicate effectively is by identifying the main idea, analyzing the essence , interpreting and expressing opinions from listening to and reading feature articles and entertainment articles, as well as providing justifications and examples for illustration. Explaining/comparing differences between the texts, idioms, sayings proverbs and poems in foreign languages and Thai language. Knowing the  mottos of the different provinces in the country.

Speaking and writing appropriately to ask for, and giving data, describing, explaining, comparing and expressing opinions about matters/issues/news and situations heard and read. Explaining the functions of the 3Rs to our daily lives. Speaking and writing to describe their own feelings and opinions about various matters, activities, experiences and news/incidents with proper reasoning. Using   foreign  languages in conducting research, collecting, analyzing and summarizing/various data from the    media and different learning  sources for further education and livelihood. Speaking, reading and writing different languages is an advantage for every individual.

Participating in giving advice and organizing language and cultural activities appropriately. Educated individual must have a consciousness of his or her own values and value commitments and understanding of the values of others. Pursuing closer integration with corporate social responsibility and good governance.




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Unit 1 What’s in a name?

  • Lesson 1 Names Week 1
  • Lesson 2 Katrina Week 2

Unit 4 Learning from the past

  • Lesson 1 Buildings and architecture
  • Lesson 2 Lessons from the past

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