Week 1 Lesson 1 Different people
  1. Work with words. Match the sentences with the correct personality adjectives.

calm confident friendly funny polite rude serious shy

  1. Yes, please. Thank you _____________
  2. Everything is ok. _____________
  3. How are you? I’m Jacob. _____________
  4. Do you know the joke about? _____________
  5. I know I can do it if I really try. _____________
  6. I don’t like speaking in front of the class. _____________
  7. I want pizza now. _____________
  8. You know, homework is really important _____________
  1. Speaking Ask the students who possess these personalities.
  2. Who is sensitive? ___________
  3. Who is generous ___________
  4. Who is brave? ___________
  5. Who is kind? ___________
  6. Who is cheerful? ___________
  7. Who is patient? ___________
  8. Who is ambitious? ___________
  9. Who is smart? ___________
  10. Who is creative?                      ___________
  11. Who is competitive? ___________
  1. Read the text and find out the shape of your personality.

What shape is your personality?

Are you a square, a rectangle, a triangle, or a circle?

The square

The square is serious and organized. This type of person works hard to finish a task even if it’s boring. The square is good at concentrating and doesn’t often feel worried.

The rectangle

The rectangle is also organized, but will try to create a system with rules to make sure everything is finished. The rectangle is usually on time, but this person isn’t always good at making friends.

The triangle

The triangle is ambitious and competitive. This person will aim to reach a goal but might not notice all the details. The final goal is very important to this person. The triangle always loves to get attention.

The circle

The circle is social and good at communicating. This person likes harmony in the workplace and gets everyone working together. Organization and planning are not the most important things for this person. The circle is always in good mood. 

Activity 1 The teacher asks the students what shape they belong to.

Teacher: What shape do you belong? Why?

Student: I belong to the circle. Because I am sociable.

Activity 2

Describe your personality


I think I’m patient because I don’t get angry when I wait. I’m usually cheerful but not in the morning. I hate getting up early.