English for Communication E23203 M.3 First Semester

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The ability to communicate well is one of the greatest assets anyone can possess by choosing and specifying the topic, main idea and supporting details and expressing opinions about what has been heard and read from various types of media, as well as providing justifications and examples for illustration. Comparing and explaining similarities and

differences between the lifestyles and culture of native speakers and those of Thais and apply them appropriately. Knowing and understanding the similarities and differences between the lifestyles in the urban and rural areas.

Speaking and writing appropriately and giving instructions, clarifications and explanations. Speaking and writing to summarise the main idea/theme and topic identified from analysis of matters/news/incidents/situations of interest to society. Disseminating/ conveying to public data and news about the school, community and the local area in foreign language. Speaking, reading and writing about the different festivals of each country.

Choosing the language , tone of voice, gestures and manners appropriate to various persons and occasions in accordance with the social manners and culture of native speakers. Educated individual should have the ability to organize and interrelate or integrate knowledge, abilities and values. Managing capitalism in such a way that economic progress can go hand-in-hand with sustainable development.

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