English Conversation Primary:1

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Supplemental Subject Description


Foreign Language Primary Level Grade 1


Code Supplemental English Second Semester 20 hours


Percentile of Score: Final = 70:30 Total of units 1.0



This course covers the different objectives that the learners should develop their reading, listening, writing along with listening skills and presenting are especially necessary in building a strong foundation in English at the start of language in learning.

To develop these skills the students should establish the objectives like choosing the pictures corresponding to the meanings of words heard. Using simple orders by following the models they have seen.

Speaking to ask and give simple data about themselves by following the models. Expressing their own simple needs by following the models heard.

Speaking and make accompanying gestures in accordance with the culture of native speakers. Telling the terms related to other learning areas.





Enabling objectives


F1.1 Gr.1/3

F1.2 Gr.1/2

F1.2 Gr.1/3

F1.2 Gr.1/4

F2.1 Gr.1/1

F3.1 Gr.1/1

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What Will You Learn?

  • The students know the vocabulary about and sentences about the differents kinds of pets.
  • The students write and answer the questions from the pictures that the teachers has given.
  • Students have good attitude towards English sbjects.

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