CEFR S.4 E31215 First Semester

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Learning a language is one of the most important thing in life as well as having the capabilities to apply to four skills is of great advantage.

First is by explaining and writing sentences and texts related to various forms of non-text information. Speaking and writing to express needs and offer, accepting and refusing to give help in simulated or real situations. Speaking and writing to describe their own feelings and opinions about various matters, activities, and experiences and news/incidents with proper reasons. Speaking and writing to express opinions about activities and incidents in the local area, society and the world, as well as provide justification and examples of illustrations. Familiarising about the famous festivals in the country and when they are celebrated.

Choosing the, tone of voice, gestures and manners appropriate to various persons, occasions and places by observing social manners and cultures of native speakers. Discussing and explaining about the different cultures of ASEAN countries. Analysing/discussing similarities and between the lifestyles, beliefs and cultures of native speakers and those of Thai and apply them appropriately. Sharing ideas and opinions on how to spend time and money in an economical way.

Using the language in real situations/simulated situations in the classroom, school, community and society. Speaking and writing on how to reduce, reused and recycle waste materials in the country. Disseminating/conveying to the public the date and news about school community and the local area/nation in the foreign language.


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