CEFR M.5 First Semester

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Learning  language  is the acquisition   of   skills   and correct practice is essential. The  purpose is  enabling the students to use  the language on a  more  definitely   productive level is  by identifying   the main  idea,   analyzing   the essence, interpreting     and    expressing    opinions   from   listening to   and   reading  feature   articles  and entertainment  articles, as well   as  providing    justifications    and examples  for  illustration.   Analysing/discussing     similarities  and   differences  between  the  lifestyles,   beliefs  and  culture of  native speakers  and  those  of  Thais, and  applying   them   appropriately. Understanding  how  the different  customs and  traditions  affects their

daily lives.

Explaining/discussing the   lifestyles, beliefs and   origins  of  customs and   traditions  of  native  speakers. Using   languages for communication in real situations/simulated situations in the classroom, school, community and society. Speaking and writing to express needs and offering, accepting and refusing   to give   help in   simulated or   real situations. Featuring   some tourist   attractions   in the country.

Choosing  the language, tone of  voice,    gestures    and    manners appropriate to various  persons, occasions and places by observing  social manners  and culture of  native speakers. Possession of desirable moral, spiritual, and cultural values in particular, the value of service to the people. Sharing the same goal of balanced and sustainable development of the nation’s economy.

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Unit 1 Be extreme

  • Lesson 1 Extreme sports Week 1
  • Lesson 2 Choose a sport Week 2

Unit 4 Thinking ahead

  • Lesson 1 Jobs
  • Lesson 2 Job advice

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