Science IEP P.4 2nd Semester

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Course Description

Intensive Science and Technology 4               Department of Science and Technology
Primary 4                                                              Time 40 Hours
Students are able to describe, classify, compare, explain, identify, construct models, use
logical reasoning to solve problems, design and write programs, use the internet to collect,
evaluate, present the data about parts of plant; classify living things by using the similarity and
difference of the characteristics; classify plants into flowering plants and non-flowering plants;
classify animals into vertebrates and invertebrates.
Students are able to compare the physical properties in terms of hardness, elasticity, heat
conductivity, and electrical conductivity; identify the useful application of the physical properties
in the daily activities; compare the properties of matters in 3 states; identify the effects of
gravitational force on objects; use the spring scale to measure the weight of the objects; describe
the mass of the objects affecting changes of motion in objects; classify objects as transparent,
translucent, and opaque medium by using visual characteristics when seeing the objects as the
Students are able to explain the pattern of rising and falling of the moon; construct the
model to represent the components in the solar system and each planter’s orbit.
These can be done by performing scientific methods, exploring, observing, checking, data
collecting and data classifying. These are for the students to understand, present the outcomes,
make decisions, see the value of the knowledge applied in daily life and gain the scientific mind,
moral, ethic and appropriate value.
These can be done by learn how to solve the problem using logical reasoning; explain
working process; predict the result of simple problems; design and write simple program using
software, find and fix its errors; use the internet to search and evaluate the credibility of the data;
collet, process, present the data and information using various software to solve the problems in
daily life.
These can be done by systematically follow the working processes; solve the problems
using logical reasoning; use information and communication technology in learning the processes;
design simple program using storyboard or design the algorithm; write simple program to arrange
the commands for computer to achieve the determined result; find the errors by checking step by
step and edit to achieve the determined result; practice finding the program’s errors; use the
software to write the program in Scratch, logo.

These are for the students to realize and appreciate the usage of knowledge in daily life;
use the internet and information technology safely; follow the agreement in using the internet;
understand the rights and duties of oneself; mannerly and suitably communicate; protect their
private information; love working; work with enthusiasm and punctuality; have a positive attitude
in working; have appropriate working habits, morals, ethics and appropriate value.

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Course Curriculum

Chapter3 : Properties of Materials

  • 3.1 Types of Materials (8-12 Nov 2021)
  • 3.2 Properties of Materials (15-19 Nov 2021)
  • 3.2 Properties of Materials (Elasticity) (22-26 Nov 2021)
  • 3.2 Properties of Materials (Heat&Electricity) (29 Nov-3 Dec 2021)
  • Revision Chapter3 (6-10 Dec 2021)

Chapter4 : Mass and Matters

  • 4.1 States of Matters (4-7 Jan 2022)
  • 4.3 Volume (10-14 Jan 2022)
  • Revision Chapter 4 (17-21 Jan 2022)

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