Science IEP P.2 2nd Semester

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Course Description
Department of Science and Technology                                      Intensive Science and Technology 2
Time 40 Hours                                                                                  Primary 2
Students are able to learn and analyze the plants needs of light and water for growth;
describe the life cycle of flowering plants; compare the characteristics of living things and non-
living things; explain properties of materials; realize the benefits of the material recycling by
recycling material; describe the movement of light from its source; describe the process of seeing
objects by proposing ways in preventing dangers; identify the components of soil; classify the
types of soil by using the texture and particles as criteria; explain the useful application of soils;
solve the problems using symbols or text; write simple program using software; use the
technological devices to create, collect and retrieve the data; use the information technology
These can be done by performing scientific methods, exploring, observing, checking, data
collecting, data comparing from the empirical evidences and discussing. These are for the
students to understand, present the outcomes, make decisions, see the value of the knowledge
applied in daily life and gain the scientific mind, moral, ethic and appropriate value.
These can be done by observing the working and simple problem-solving process; writing
simple program using software or devices and finding its errors; using the technology to create,
categorize, search, collect, and retrieve the data with the correct purpose.
These can be done by systematically follow the working processes; solve problems by
calculation; use information and communication technology in learning the processes; show
problem solving process step by step by writing, explaining, drawing and using symbols; use
blocks and dress up game; write simple program to arrange the commands for computer
processing and finding its errors; edit the commands to achieve the determined result; write the
program using the instruction blocks in writing the program in; use the basic software.
These are for the students to realize and appreciate the usage of knowledge in daily life;
use the information technology safely; follow the agreement in using the computer lab; take a
good care of the equipment and use the information technology properly; love working; work with
enthusiasm and punctuality; have a positive attitude in working; have appropriate working habits,
morals, ethics and appropriate value.

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Course Curriculum

Unit3 : Plants

  • growing plants
  • Benefits of plants

Unit4 : Materials

  • Bins
  • Types of materials

Unit 5 : Light and Process of seeing

  • Light Sources
  • Light and Process of Seeing
  • How to Protect your eyes
  • Types of objects
  • Revision Unit5

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