Science IEP P.1 2nd Semester

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Students are able to identify, tell, realize, describe, solve problem and write simple

program related to the appropriate habitats of plants and animals; tell the functions of body parts

of humans, animals, and plants.

Students are able to identify types of materials and classify groups of materials according

to their noticeable properties; empirically describe the formation and movement of the light and


Students are able to identify the stars present in the sky in the day time and night time;

describe the physical characteristics of the rocks through observation.

These can be done by performing scientific methods, exploring, observing, checking, data

collecting and data classifying. These are for the students to understand, present the outcomes,

make decisions, see the value of the knowledge applied in daily life and gain the scientific mind,

moral, ethic and appropriate value.

These can be done by learning how to solve simple problems through trial by error, and

comparation; performing a sequence of working process; writing simple program using basic

software and technological devices; using mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen; turning on and off

the devices; creating, collecting and retrieving the data with the correct purpose.

These can be done by systematically follow the working processes; solve problems by

calculation; use information and communication technology in learning the processes; show

problem solving process step by step by writing, explaining, drawing and using symbols; use

maze and photo hunt game; organize the books in the bags; write simple program to arrange the

commands for computer processing; write simple program to reposition, resize, change the shape

of the character by using the instruction blocks in writing the program in

These are for the students to realize and appreciate the usage of knowledge in daily life;

use the information technology safely; follow the agreement in using the computer lab; take a

good care of the equipment and use the information technology properly; love working; work with

enthusiasm and punctuality; have a positive attitude in working; have appropriate working habits,

morals, ethics and appropriate value.

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  • Formations of Sound
  • Tranmission of Sound
  • Tranmission of Sound


  • Benefits of Materials
  • Properties of Materials

Things Around Us

  • Rock

Day Time and Night Time

  • Day Time
  • Night Time
  • Review Day and Nitht
  • Day Time Exercise

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