Science IEP M.3 1st semester

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Students are able to learn and analyze the relationships among genes, DNA, and chromosome; the genetic transmissions; the formation of genotypes and phenotypes among offspring; the mitosis and meiosis cell division; the genetic diseases; the benefits of genetic modified organisms and their effects; the formation of waves; the electromagnetic waves and spectrum of electromagnetic waves; the benefits and dangers of the electromagnetic waves; the phenomena caused by light and functions of some visual equipment; the reflection and refraction of light; the effects of light illuminance towards the eyes; the planet orbit around the sun using gravitational force; the season and the apparent motion of the sun; the waxing-waning, the changing point of time in rising and failing of the moon, and the spring-leap tides; the useful application of space technology and the process of the space exploration project.

These can be done by searching, exploring, developing scientific method and the 21st century skills, searching for the information and discussing. These are for the students to gain the knowledge, comprehension; to communicate the lessons learned; to be able to decide, solve problems; apply the knowledge in daily life; and to gain the scientific mind, moral, ethic and appropriate value.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Students will be beneficial about scientific knowledge.

About the instructor

Teacher Tony
Education -Master of Education Program in Curriculum and Instruction (In process) -Bachelor of Arts in English, Kasetsart University (Second-class honors) - Winning First Prize Scholarship with KUTUA to Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan - Winning First Prize Scholarship with ILCS to University of Leeds, United kingdom Experience - I have been teaching for ELT for 3 years. - Guest speaking at Department of Skill Development Phichit ( Webinar) : English for Communication (2021) - Guest speaker at Faculty of Humanities and Social Science (Webinar) at Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University (2021) - Guest speaker at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Online seminar) at Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University. (2021) - Guest speaker at Faculty of Education, Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University (2021) - Guest speaker at Kaolieo District of Non-formal and Informal Education (2021)

Course Curriculum

Chapter 2 : Genetic Transmission

  • 2.1 Genetic Traits
  • 2.1 Genetic Traits Worksheet

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