Listening-Speaking E33204 M.6 2nd Semester

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Speaking and writing to express needs and offer, accept and refuse to give help in simulated and real situations. Speaking writing to summarise the main idea/theme identified from analysis of matters, activities, news, incidents and situations in accordance with their interests. Knowing the different events in the rural and urban areas.

Participating in, giving advice and organizing language and cultural activities appropriately. Explaining/comparing differences between the kinds of vocabularies, texts, idioms, sayings, proverbs, and poems in both foreign and local languages. Speaking, reading and writing about the different beliefs in the country.

Making research/ searching for, making records, summarizing and expressing opinions about the data related to other learning areas, and presenting them through speaking and writing.Speaking and writing on how to make a dishwashing liquid by using orange or pineapple peelings. Using foreign language in conducting research, collecting, analyzing and summarizing knowledge/various data from the media and different learning sources for further education. Learning how to budget is one of the most important thing to keep in mind for the betterment of the future.



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