Intensive English Kindergarten Level 2 Semester 2 2021 ภาษาอังกฤษ IEP อนุบาล 2

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Students are taught to know the basic sounds of the letters in the alphabet, accompanied by the object which would then be learnt in the story; students are encouraged to attend the sing-along session to reinforce the sounds and pronunciation learnt earlier. Students are introduced to the speech patterns and story in this simple conversation between the characters in the scene; a simple comprehension makes for interesting questions and answer sessions between students and teachers. New words together with the object introduced into the sound segments are introduced to enhance and expose students to a wider scope of vocabulary; an action song is introduced to encourage students to participate and enjoy themselves while learning as well as reinforcing what is learnt. Students will be exposed to the ways of conversations as well as methods and words used in describing things. Creativity and thinking skills are also nurtured with a simple introduction of some general knowledge elements. As skills of students such as counting, observing, and differentiation is developing, students are taught the specific adjectives for descriptions of different objects, the progression of numbers, colors, etc. Students are taught simple descriptions of the object introduced making for a better understanding of the objects. Students are encouraged to speak in this course: beginning with short sentences, they progress from just speaking and answering to asking simple questions as well as to ensure effective 2-way communication. Students will be taught the correct way of writing each letter of the alphabet: guide strokes are provided to ensure the correct sequence and proper way of writing.

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What Will You Learn?

  • -Students will be able to identify the English Alphabet.
  • -Students will be able to recognize different letters.
  • -Identify the initial sound of letters.

About the instructor

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Letter Uu
This lesson is about Letter Uu in both a capital letter and a lowercase letter including learning initial sounds as well as vocabularies related to the letter Uu.

  • Letter Uu
  • Letter Uu Vocabularies

Lesson 2 : Letter Uu Vocabularies

  • Vocabularies: Letter Uu

Lesson 3: Letter Vv

  • Letter Vv: Sound and How to write

Lesson 4: Letter Vv Vocabularies

  • Vocabularies

Small talk 16-17

  • Small talk

Lesson 5: Letter Ww

  • Letter Ww

Lesson 6: Letter Ww Vocabularies

  • Letter Ww Vocabularies

Lesson 7: Letter Xx

  • Letter Xx

Lesson 8: Letter Xx Vocabularies

  • Vocabularies

lesson 9: Small talk revision

  • Revision

Lesson: 10: Letter Yy

  • Letter Yy

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