Science IEP P.3 2nd Semester

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Students are able to describe the essential things for survival and growth of humans and
animals; realize the benefits of food, water, and air by making sure that they and their animals
receive them appropriately; construct the model to describe the life cycle of animals; tell the
materials of the objects; explain the change of materials when heating or cooling; identify the
effects of forces on the changes of the motion in the objects; compare and exemplify the contact
forces and non-contact forces on the motion of the objects; identify the magnetic poles and predict the effects among the magnetic poles when being put together; exemplify the conversion of one type of energy to other; describe the process of electricity generator and identify the sources of energy in producing electricity; realize the advantages and disadvantages of electricity by presenting the ways of using electricity economically and safely; explain the pattern of rising and falling of the sun; explain the reason why there is the rising and falling of the sun, the day and
nighttime, and the direction on the earth; realize the importance of the sun by describing the
benefits of the sun towards the living things; identify the components of air; describe the
importance of air and effects of air pollution on living things; realize the importance of air by
suggesting ways to behave in preventing the air pollution; explain the formation of winds; describe the advantages and disadvantages of wind.

These can be done by performing scientific methods, exploring, observing, checking, data
collecting, data comparing from the empirical evidences and discussing. These are for the
students to understand, present the outcomes, make decisions, see the value of the knowledge
applied in daily life and gain the scientific mind, moral, ethic and appropriate value.

These can be done by observing the algorithm in working and simple problem-solving
process; writing simple program using software or devices and finding its errors; using the Internet
to search, collect, analyze and present the information by using the software with the correct

These can be done by systematically follow the working processes; solve problems by
calculation; use information and communication technology in learning the processes; show the
algorithm in working process or solve the problem by writing, explaining, drawing and using
symbols; solve problems by using game; write program to arrange the commands for the
characters to process repeatedly and endlessly and also check for the errors; edit the commands
to achieve the determined result; write the program using the instruction blocks in writing the
program in; search for the information on the Internet by using website to search.

These are for the students to realize and appreciate the usage of knowledge in daily life;
use the internet and the information technology safely; follow the agreement in using the Internet
take a good care of the equipment and use the information technology properly; love working;
work with enthusiasm and punctuality; have a positive attitude in working; have appropriate
working habits, morals, ethics and appropriate value.

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Chapter2 : Materials

  • 2.1 Materials
  • 2.2 Chages of Materials
  • 2.3 Materials Revision

Chapter6 : Force

  • 6.1 : Push and Pull
  • 6.2 : Magnet and Magnetic Forces

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