English for Communication E23204 M.3 2nd Semester


To acquire the skills needed in learning a language is to read materials that vary in difficulty and learn to develop good study habits by acting in compliance with requests, instructions, clarifications and simple explanations heard and read. Describing the lifestyle in the city and their main source of gaining income.

Specifying/writing sentences and texts related to various forms of non-text information read. Conversing and writing to exchange data about themselves, various matters around them, situations, news and matters of interest to society, and communicate the data continuously and appropriately. Speaking about the national symbols of ASEAN countries.

Speaking and writing appropriately to ask for and give data, explain, compare and express opinions about what has been heard or read. Speaking and writing to describe themselves, experiences/ matters/ various issues of interest to society. Speaking and writing on how to make insect spray. And explain further the process in making the spray. Participating in/organize language and cultural activities in accordance with their interests. Expressing the various ways on how to budget daily allowance to minimize the family budget.

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