English Conversation Primary 5 First Semester

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In this course, it intended for beginning level students who wish to use English as a language for communication. To teach students basic communicative language skills through careful presentation of vocabulary and through a gradual progression of speaking and listening exercises. The students are able to speak and write to ask for and give data sbout themselves, their families, and friends and matters around them. The students describe their school, identify the different kinds of transportation within their province. Learn more about different kinds of transportations of other countries.The students must speak and write in exchange in personal communication.The students must express their own feelings about various matters around them and various activities, as well as provide brief justification.

The learners should be able to write e-mail and enumerate the different kinds of transportation use. The learners should be able to use words, tone of voice and polite gestures culture of native speakers. The learners should know how to ask questions to the foreigners using the language. The learners should be able to listen, speak, read and write in various in the classroom and in school.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The learners are able to speak and used the English language for daily life activities.

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